Jeannie bio

"Jeannie's work is drawn from an interest in materials and shifting notions of value and perception. The work is appears tactile, and begs to be sensed, touched and experienced." Anna Vardi curator

Jeannie Driver lives on the south coast of the UK, where she has a light airy studio in Art Space Portsmouth.

Recent works are conceived as an exploration between drawing and sculpture and each is completed when viewed as part of their architectural contexts and in relationship to the body.

‘Lifting the Drawing off the page’ project utilises the gallery wall as primary material, as ‘ground’. The work explores relationships between drawing, installation and performance with a new set of rules, systems, materials and measurements.

Jeannie creates works that hover between sculpture and installation.  Often reprocessing materiel from one artwork to another her process-driven practice includes shredding, burning, tearing, spiking, obliterating, to shift value and meaning from form to substance to create works that explores the tension between fragility and (illusions of) solidity.

This website contains a selection of projects and artworks. Please contact for further works and projects including back catalogue, working sketches and drawings.

Jeannie undertakes residencies and exhibits in galleries and site specific works. Group shows include, Preparing the Site at Bank Gallery, Whitechapel, Void Open Sculpture Show and Found, Woolff Gallery. Solo exhibitions include When Contents Become Form at Arybyte Gallery and Ubiquitous Materials curate by Dr Outi Reemes at South Hill Park.

Download Jeannie Driver's CV here