Lifting the Drawing off the Page

Driver’s post-minimalist works utilize materials and metaphorical references to present pieces in drawing, installation, sculpture, and film formats. Fascinated by how paper can traverse both the 2D and 3D realms, ‘Lifting the Drawing off the Page’ comprises a body of work developed from geometric drawings on the page. These works employ systems, materials, and measurements to create transient, 'unfixed' installations that shift in time and space.

An interest in sequence and repetition permeates her work, evident in both the utilitarian materials and processes employed. Traditional drawing materials such as charcoal, graphite, and paper hold a dominant presence; as lines morph into objects, dust becomes surface, and space transforms into form. Scaled in relation to her own body, the wall installations are designed to provide an immersive experience for the viewer.

Driver’s expanded drawings remain 'unfixed' and are presented in phases, creating works that evolve over time. They serve as an invitation to engage. Contained within crates, lines await with instructions, a template, and a phased drawing plan. Spikes align to puncture time, lines rise and fall like breaths, quivering in the breeze. They are not static; they are a conversation.

Jeannie Driver. (B. London, 1966) Driver's installations and works have been exhibited nationally in commercial and public galleries. Solo exhibitions include, Degrees of Ambiguity, CourtX, Manifestations of a Cube, Jack House Gallery, When Contents Become Form, Arbyte Gallery., Hackney Wick. Duo exhibitions include Dazzle + Disrupt, Quay Arts, IOW and Ubiquitous Materials, SHP. Selected group shows include Edge to Edge, Cello Factory, Waterloo, Iterations, Art House 1, Bermondsey, FOUND, Woolff Gallery, London, and Preparing the Site, Bank Gallery, Whitechapel. Site Specific installations include Lines of Passage at Salisbury Arts Centre. Artist time and space residencies include ASPEX gallery and Art Studios Oxford.

Working in cycle’s of ten years, Driver’s practise morphs and shifts. Common threads emerge and re-emerge. Drawing, and the line have a consistent presence as both form and metaphor. Processes are imbued with repetition and purpose. Reoccurring questions can be seen throughout her archive including a ‘responsibility to materials’. Context and space is always considered as is the relationship between artwork and audience.

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