Driver’s post minimalist works utilise materials imbued with processes and metaphorical references to present works as drawing, installation, sculpture, and film. 

Driver’s pallet is dominated by paper, specifically waste-paper documents. Both out of a sense of responsibility to materials and with an interest in their symbolic value and embedded histories. 
Process is a core element in her practice and involves acts of destruction, repetition, re-processing and re-enactment as a mode of encounter that gives new form whilst referencing the cyclical nature of materiality. 

Fascinated by how paper is able to transverse both the 2D and 3D ‘Lifting The Drawing off the Page’ body of works develop from geometric drawings on the page and utilise systems, materials and measurements to create transient, 'un-fixed', installations that shift in time and space. This interest in sequence and repetition flows throughout her work, in both the utilitarian material and processes she employs. Traditional drawing materials of charcoal, graphite and paper are abstracted to present an anonymous but dominant presence; as line becomes object, dust becomes surface, and space as form. Created in scale relationship to her own body, the wall installations are suggestive of metaphorical space and encourage the viewer to shift around the work to gain new perspectives. 

Inspired by the drawings and approach of Sol Le Witt and Legia Clark, Driver’s expanded drawings are ‘unfixed’ and present in phases to create a works that shift over time. The works are an invitation. Contained in crates, lines await with instructions, a template and a phased drawing plan. The performance begins 

spikes line up to puncture time,
lines rise and fall like the breath,
quivering in the breeze,
they are not still,
they are a conversation. 

Driver’s interest in activating space with an urge towards accessibility and engagement has evolved through her previous practice within the public realm. 

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Driver's catalogue includes original drawings, archival prints, sculptures and installations and instructions. Work is available at price points from £100- £6000. 

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Driver holds a public Open Studio event once a year. Other times  by appointment. Please contact for further information.

Recent works are located in the main gallery's on the tabs at the top of this page.  

Please see archive (home page) for works including the HARD GRAPH series and site specific installations including Lines of Passage, The Security Blanket of Beadle and Dom, and Rising Tides.

1999 - 2007
On graduating from university with a Masters distinction Jeannie Driver (Kerswell) focused on working within the public realm.  Influenced by the theories and models of engagement of Suzanne Lacy and Mary Jane Jacob, Driver tested different roles of the artist, from collaborator, facilitator, activist, and documenter. Through this dialogical discourse and collaborative approach Driver developed numerous projects including the 'highly commended' The City As a Canvas, Big Draw project. The project "The Colour Happened on the Inside' resulted in a 72 metre artwork on the contested brutalist Building prior to its demolition and was featured in the Design Awards by academic Valerie Swales.

In 2007 Driver was awarded ACE funding to develop her SPIKE IT project, located in seven offices to explore issues of work, flow and waste. This project became the bridge to Drivers subsequent studio based practice and developed her attachment to paper as material.

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