Hard Graph. click for gallery

Hard Graph is an ongoing series of work made in response to   the inherent symbolism of the ubiquitous A4 page.

Waste paper is collected, at times, produced and re-processed in the studio utilising domestic shredders with a variety of security ratings. This breaking down of material shifts the value from the data on the page, to its material carrier, before reassembling material to create alternative archives with redistributed notions of value.

Utilising paper as a ubiquitous material, re-presents the 'outputs' of unavoidable bureaucracy and systems of life, from a personal perspective that has wider socio-political and cultural relevance. Where the aesthetic and meaning are of equal importance.

Interrobang 1 and 2, are meeting maps  made in response to specific meetings.  Sketches where made and translated to works that encapsulate meeting notes and vinyl drawings, mapping communication.