Lines of Passage. click for gallery

Lines of Passage was a site specific work for a group exhibition titled 'PAPER', curated by Fiona Cassidy at Salisbury Art Centre. The exhibition included works by Malina Busch, Stephanie Douet, Jeannie Driver, Gillian McFarland, Jenny Purrett, Helen Snell.

Lines of Passage comprises of 3 hangings each 3m wide and 7.6m long totaling. 3 Miles of shredded documents, from the administration office.

Process: On invitation to create a work for the exhibition I undertook several visits to the space to understand how the space worked and the context.

Rather than using the gallery wall I wanted to use the large void, the space above the venue and cafe area to draw attention to both the space, the ceiling and window - all above the usual sight line.

I selected waste paper from the office that included risk assessments, planning documents, programming lists. I wanted this use this usually hidden work of the office staff as material for the centre stage. This seemed especially important as the centre was having to plan for, significant, forth coming financial cuts. 

Installation of the work was a team effort and collaboration. As the venue is a listed building no fixings could be used. Working at that height with the scaffold tower was a new experience for us all and thanks to their efforts we moved lighting. (I'd also like to say it had a practical use in removing old deflated helium balloons!)