States of Being

States of Being
Pen on cartridge paper

 Paper size: H 59.4 x w 42cm each (excluding frame)

States of Being is a series of diary self portraits that draw on the self, a time, a place, a space. This visceral visual process of recording, lets the pen flow with guttural control.

Images shown are 

#1. This drawing is also available in a limited Edition Giclee print. 
Paper size: H 594mm x w 420mm

# 5-7 SOLD.   Paper size: H 59.4 x w 42cm each (excluding frame) H420 x w297mm

There is a substantial collection in this series. Please contact for further details.

“The restlessness of drawing’s enquiry at the service of an equally restless visual culture”
Michael Ginsborg, What is Drawing