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Jeannie Driver studied fine art at University of Portsmouth, the first intake for a new course run by Martin Cockram and Alison Jones, with Matthew Higgs, Elizabeth McGill, John Frankin, and numerous visiting artists including Clem Crosby, Ceal Floyer and Jeremy Dellar.
Graduating with first class BA in 1998 Jeannie won a scholorship for the MA fine art by project (Distinction 2000) with an exhibition focusing on systems painting. Following her degree Jeannie's developed her interest in socially engaged practice, or New Genre of Public art. Influenced by the theories of Suzanne Lacy and Mary Jane Jacob, and specifically the discourse around the role and relationship between artist, artwork and audience. Through many projects Jeannie developed her methodologies with a focus on contribution and exchange.  The projecct, 'The Colour Happened on the Inside', explored the contested demolition of the brutalist, Tricorn building and resulted in an interactive artwork on the 72 meters of hoardings playing a role in the debated building. The work was featured in a Design Awards Conference and profiled in international journals.  Then called Jeannie Kerswell she undertook many projects before being awarded ACE support for her SPIKE IT project, that enabled Jeannie to work with new audiences and participants within  office settings. This project became the spring board for her interest in paper as both signify-er, material and resource and has informed her subsequent studio practice. This archive section contains a selection of projects from this period.