Light Embrace ( LED Light Sculpture drawing)


Light Embrace is a floor based, three-dimensional animated light emitting sculpture to be experienced from both a distance and close-up. At a distance, the sequences of line drawings rise from the 2D surface to present geometric and rhymical forms that appear to float in space. Close up, the viewer is invited to stand inside the arms of it’s embrace to be enveloped in washes of light. 

The Light Embrace Story
In September 2022, Portsmouth Creates commissioned Jeannie Driver to create Light Embrace as an extension of her practice, utilising light for the public realm. The sculpture was presented in a public park as part of the We Shine festival in 2022, Portsmouth. 

This ambitious new work enabled her to work with new technologies and work in collaboration with a leading international LED lighting company. 

Light Embrace is inspired by the artists isolation in 2020 when she created a series of drawings on paper where drawing lines became a repetitive ritual to slow down time and breathe. Organised into geometrical forms, repetitive lines presented imagined metaphorical spaces to inhabit. Focusing on the artists interest in visual perception and art as encounter, drawings extended to maquettes, and experiments with lighting became the springboard for Light Embrace. 

Inspired by artists such as Josef Albers, Jesus Rafael Soto, Bridgette Riley, Sol Le Witt, Light Embrace is Jeannie’s latest ambitious work derived from her methodical and systematic approach to drawing. Translating lines on the page to animated lines of light organised in an elliptical space the sculpture itself becomes a drawing board for transient light drawings, that propose and celebrate connections between people and the joy of shared experiences. Light Embrace (V1) was developed in collaboration with Abstract AVR, an established and experienced international LED lighting company.