Preparing the Site

Preparing the Site exhibition
curated by Emma Vardi and Anna Warberton.

"Jeannie's work is drawn from an interest in materials and shifting notions of value and perception. The work is appears tactile, and begs to be sensed, touched and experienced." Anna Vardi

Ash Steps,(Title Withheld), Paper Pillar, and Cube( currently appearing as) were made in response to the context and architectural features of the Bank Gallery and created onsite for the exhibition, Preparing the Site.

The exhibition explored how material processes and methods of display altered the physical and metaphorical function of things and the sites that they occupy.

The three works present illusions of solidity in response to the curatorial approach and architectural features of the Bank Gallery. The works are created onsite for the exhibition.  Documentation of the installation can be found on Vimeo.

The fragility of Ash Steps is not at first apparent, in both appearance and form it appears visually akin to concrete. However on further inspection, burnt paper visible, this essentially ephemeral material is presented as a solid yet with portent to degrade, disintegrate, ruin.
Ash steps is constructed from paper ash from the SPIKE IT project.