Lifting the Drawing off the Page. click for gallery

Charcoal-ed shredded documents. spikes, gallery wall, paint.

The "Lifting The Drawing off the Page' project explores relationships between drawing, installation and performance with a new set of rules, systems, materials and measurements.

The starting point for the work was to reinterpret sketches and drawings made for large scale 3D installations. The project intention is to reinterpret the 2D>3D>2D whilst maintaing
transient physical and mental spaces and places with shifting permutations. 
The lines created from obliterated data on on waste a4 documents. They hang from spikes emerging from the wall. When viewed  small movements can be seen in response to the body and breeze.  This important in referencing the potentiality of shifting space. This has been further explored in the film Black Lines, made in collaboration with film maker Anna Cady.

The works are conceived as an exploration between drawing and sculpture. Scale is important and each works is to be experienced as part of their architectural contexts and in relationship to the body.