Degrees of Ambiguity

Degrees of Ambiguity, is durational drawing sited on a 2m white cube. It takes the isometric grid as its starting point. The 60 degree grid intersections referencing space, create further ambiguities as it wraps around the 90 degree corners of the two metre cube. 

Further ambiguities are revealed when the cube installation interacts with window graphics on the windows. 

The installed drawing constructed from the artists drawing kit, of charcoal coated shredded paper strips are suspended from rods that protrude from the cube creating additional planes. 

Precariously held in place with gravity, lines of caoted paper are anchored by the grid, but not restrained by it. This unfixed line, on close inspection is irregular, not quite conforming to the structure to enable a sense of fluidity and change. This unfixed approach enables the artist to alter the drawing periodically throughout the four weeks of the exhibition.