Degrees of Ambiguity

Degrees of Ambiguity 

Driver’s latest drawing installation Degrees of Ambiguity utilises her drawing kit of independent lines* together with the isometric grid as the underlying organisational structure to experiment with perception and the relationship between artwork and audience. 

“Although the grid has been explored throughout art history as a device and structure, I want the viewer to experience the work with no need of these references, but as simple geometric structure that is divided, cut and intersected to provide aesthetic exploration. It is all a matter of position and perspective." 

Sited on a white cube situated in the CourtX pavilion, Degrees of Ambiguity, takes the intersections of the isometric grid as a starting point to create further ambiguities as it wraps around the 90 degree corners of the two metre cube. The installed drawing constructed from the artists drawing kit of charcoal coated shredded paper strips are suspended from rods that protrude from the cube creating additional planes. Precariously held in place with gravity, the lines are anchored by the grid, but not restrained by it. On closer inspection they are irregular and not quite conforming to the structure. This unfixed approach enables the artist to alter the drawing periodically throughout the four weeks of the exhibition to present a sense of fluidity and change. 

To compliment the installed drawing a series of framed collages titled Quiet Corners, together with window vinyl artworks play with the isometric grid, as rotation presents further visual ambiguities. 

* Independent Lines,: Strips of paper, created with a shredding machine. These independent lines, have featured in previous works, such as Lines of Passage and When Contents Become Form, where the data was central to the work. These paper strips and have since been coated in charcoal to embed data and become ‘independent lines’ forming part of a drawing kit that have been used to create works such as Cyclical Drift, Stretching a Line and With Draw.  This approach of re-using material from one installation to another relates to the artists sensibility to the cyclical nature of resources and with a responsibility to materials.