Group Exhibition curated by Ben Gooding

Art House 1
Bermonsey, London.
November - December 2019

Iterations brings together seven contemporary artists who explore the creative potentialities of repetition and the use of iterative sequences. This might be a rotational movement, a super-imposition of forms, the off-setting of a motif or a repeated action. Through these manipulations, a beguiling array of complex forms, structures and compositions are generated. Through rigorous practise and exacting methodologies that are often extremely labour intensive, these artists have produced seductive objects underpinned by a logical or algorithmic operation. These various approaches are curated here in order to generate a dialogue between practises. One might observe certain consistencies such as the use of particular tools or materials and the highly systematic method of production. The rotations employed by Maribel Mas to create complex organic forms are also the basis of the geometry of Ben Gooding's scored lines. His use of a needle to inscribe the surface is similarly central to the scored topographies of Tony Blackmore's foldings. His ‘nurturing’ of a two-dimensional composition into a three-dimensional object mirrors Brigitte Perusal’s approach to the manipulation of her metallic surfaces. Wendy Smith incorporates an infinite system of expansion and contraction, and Kate Terry's tension occurs by altering the view point, letting us move within the space or underneath the network of thread and pins which transforms and delineates the gallery or architecture. Jeannie Driver emphasizes a poetic momentum in the work, using installation, drawing, and performance that asks the audience to engage with the ‘unfixed’ structure.   There are multifarious conversations occurring across the works in this exhibition, and the boundaries between drawing, sculpture and installation blur. Yet there is also a distinctness of artistic practise here, each the focus of a very different concern and the result of a very different creative pursuit.

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Cyclical Flow 1.0
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